14.5ah Battery (Wholesale Price)

14.5ah Battery (Wholesale Price)

$699.00 Regular Price
$579.00Sale Price

PRE-ORDER available October 10th, 2020.

Option A: If you are purchasing a 2nd battery with a brand new eBike today, please skip option B and scroll to the dropdown items below and select the following options:


Storm: Battery is 6 pin and Charger is 3 pin V1

Mule: Battery is 6 pin and Charger is 3 pin V2

Flatlander: Battery is 6 pin and Charger is 3 pin V2


Option B: If this battery purchase is for an existing eBike you purchased in the past, we need to know the answer to the following questions:


What battery discharge do you currently have?

  • 2 Pin Battery
  • 6 Pin Battery


What type of charger do you currently have?

  • Barrel Plug Charger
  • 3 Pin V1 Charger
  • 3 Pin V2 Charger


* Please see product images to verify or visit our battery page here.

What Battery Do You Have?
What Charger Do You Have?
  • Specs

    Extended Distance
    Panasonic Lithium-ion 48V

    Battery Life: 900 Charges

    Approximate Distance:
    2 miles per ah
    14.5ah = 29 miles
    20.5ah = 41 miles


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Ogden, Utah 84401

(844) 227-1096


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